What to do with an engaged ex girlfriend?

We know each other since 9 years ago or more we have been in relation for 2 years until its over because i caught her cheating on me.. we used to see each other 2 months a year as she lives in another country. I ended it up from a year and half and we had no communication until she called and text me this week and want us to get back if that possible.. p. s she's engaged!!!


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  • She seems to be looking for a way out of the marriage, doesn't mean she actually wants you back. If she did she would have never got engaged.


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  • 1. She's engaged!

    2. She cheated on you the first time. Why would you give her a chance to do that to you again.

    3. If she gets back with you and she's engaged, she's cheating on the fiancé. That means that she is still a cheater.

    • Indeed. .. you know what? She said that to me when she called... she told me this is the first time to cheat on my finance since they got engaged by calling me she means bec. He will never know

    • This girl sounds like she has ice water in her veins.

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  • Wait she wanted to see you as in see you see you? WHAT? just don't touch crazy.

  • Ignore it. She's engaged to another man, if she didn't want him she wouldn't have agreed to marry him. This could just be an impulse thing.

    • Agree with you.. but im 100 percent sure she's doing this bec. of regression

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