Normal relationship or abnormal relationship?

So... I have been dating a guy for a month. We go on dates when we have time, such as going bowling, having lunch or dinner and going for movies. He's a really nice guy to hang out with. I always feel happy to be with him.

It seems like the relationship is progressing quite well, however, i don't feel so. I realised we haven't progressed much yet (he agreed too). We have never spoke to each other through phone calls. Is this normal? I felt that the both of us have nothing much to talk about, because i only knew him about 3 months ago before stepping into a relationship. I did talked to him about this, and I listed a few possibilities about our relationship, for example, lack of communication. I always have a feeling things may go awkward between us. He said that we did try to put in effort, but he doesn't think that communication is the problem here. And i asked hiim "then what?", he said he dont know. I felt that we are still not close to each other.

So far our communication consists of daily questions like "whatchu doing?", morning and night texts etc. A tint of dirty talk, not much flirty messages.

What could possibly went wrong? Do we still need to give each other time? What can I (or we) do to save the relationship? Is our relationship normal? Any ways to get the both of us closer to each other? I have tried asking questions to initiate longer conversation at least once a week. It somehow works, but after that we're back to the daily questions.

PS: it's his first time in a relationship, therefore I don't expect much from him to prevent disappointment, though i have high expectations.

Hope u guys can help me out!! ><


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What Guys Said 2

  • Phone calls are a little out of the times, texting is more common now, because everyone doesn't want to bring attention to themselves, and have you ever thought maybe the messages are rare because you know you both want each other already? flirting is meant to increase interest be it in them or x subject

  • To be honest, in order to build a successful relationship you both must get to know each other and as much as. you can about one. another. dont rush but start trying to find out all you can about each other and. take it from there


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he jsut lost interest


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