My ex lowered his standards or I just am not at the caliber I thought I was?

I dated this guy for about three months right before I met my lovely boyfriend who I've been with for a year and a half now. He was an insecure guy I noticed that right off the back. I was the one who asked him for his number and he said wow me ! I am surprised. Ur so pretty I would never think u would be interest.
That was the start, then as we stared texted he would get upset if I didn't reply fast enough or conistent enough. Like he thought I was with another guy. One night I went to his house and for got my phone. The kid felt insecure so much he went through my phone. Mind u. This is the second month and he was pressuring me to make it official. Well he found out I was texting others. But still ended up taking me back.
I asked him about his past and he said he was dating a girl for four years, asked to marry her and she ended up cheating on him.

we work together so while we were talking he told everyone everything. Man I hated that. I'm a personal person and to me that was so corny. There was about fiv people coming up to me every eight hour shift asking about me or they would say he sent them to ask me how I felt about him.

So now some time has passed (he still tries to get with me and text and every time I tell him about my bf) and the other day my friend tells me was dating this really ugly ugly fat ass girl who also worked with us. ( witch explains y she always looks at me funny) lol. They were just fuck buddies and she started bragging about fucking him. He isn't ugly he is good looking. She on the other hand. Ughhhh!!! Then he stop talking to her cus he got embarrassed she was telling everyone. He also sent a ugly ugly girl who has a limp a dick pic knowing she has a boyfriend. The boyfriend found out and wanted to kill him.

What do you guys think of this kid and why did he go from me to the fat girl and the girl with a limp? My god I'm kind of thinking I'm not that good looking if he went and down graded...


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  • Let him do what he wants, it's not your business. And so what if you think the girls he's going for aren't as pretty as you, he may just not be judgmental and actually interested in these girls. Looks are not everything.

    • No he isn't interested in them like that he just is desperate and horny. Once the fat girl started telling people at work they were fucking he stopped talking to her cus he got embarrassed

    • He could have gotten embarrassed because no one should be openly telling everyone their sexual business. There had to be something there for him to be messing with her, and it's not because he was just desperate for someone. If he was it would have most likely been a one time deal.

  • It sounds like maybe he learnt from your relationship that looks aren't important. Maybe the fat girl was actually a massive upgrade because she would never judge someone on their looks and maybe the girl with the limp was sweet and funny and would never describe someone who is overweight as "Ughhhhh!".

    Of course the question you should be asking yourself is why are you so insecure that you care who your ex is dating and why are you comparing yourself to them?

    • Because I personally always look at what I had and am going to get as an upgrade never would trade a Honda for a Mercedes. But yea. I'm just curious I mean I see these people everyday I work with them! You are right about one thing tho the fat girl is sweet but just very unattractive. I mean he just used her to suck him off then she started telling people and he stopped fucking around with her he didn't want nothing official so yea

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