Who to choose between guy best friend who's always liked you and crush who's showing signs of strong interest?

I haven't seen my best friend in months, but he invited me over for Thanksgiving. I have asked about it on GaG and all the answers I got told me that yes, he likes me and that I should go for it if I feel the same. The only thing that holds me back is that I feel very strongly attracted to a classmate and I'm acting on it. He seems to be feeling the same too because of some "signs" of interest he's shown so far. I don't want ever want to have to choose. I love my best friend because we've had a great friendship so far and the fact that he invites ME to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family is a big deal for me. I'm also gonna stay the whole break with him, so I don't know how things will go. But on another hand, I really like my crush too even though we aren't that close and we're getting to know each other better as days go. I want to see who's gonna come and "get" me first, how things go with both, etc before making a choice. I'm not sure that it's the best thing to do.. so I need your advice! What should I do? If you need details on both relationships, let me know!


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  • Which one changes the moisture concentration of your loins more?

    • Well, my crush does. But it's mostly physical, while with my best friend, it's mostly emotional. I don't want to miss on anything, that's the thing. What if I start dating my crush, then I go to my best friend's house and he happens to confess to me? Or vice-versa: what if my boyfriend and I start dating, but my crush comes up to me and tells me he likes me? That'd be a catastrophy..!

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    • Well, I'm pretty serious when it comes to dating so if I were to date someone, it would be because I emotionally connect to them. But everything starts with physical attraction, right? So... Right now, I'd see myself more emotionally into my crush. But it's probably because I'm biased..

    • I meant "best friend", not "boyfriend"

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  • If you don't have the feelings for the bff, but you do for the crush, then go for the crush.

    • I do have feelings for him but, as I mentioned in my other post, I have kept them burried because he never showed any concrete signs that he indeed did like me the same way. The difference between the two guys is that my boyfriend and I have the emotional connection and a great friendship and with my crush, we have a couple things in common, but the ice barely got broken. I'm also very strongly attracted to him, but I'm afraid of "sacrificing" one guy over the other and actually be missing on something.

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    • Yea, makes sense. by the way, I wrote "boyfriend" but I meant best friend. I guess I'll go with the flow...

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