Guys say that girls talk too much but?

wouldn't it be boring if the girl can't at least keep the conversation going? Let us set aside the nagging part.
If the conversation isn't going anywhere then better to change the topic. What do you think?
aren't you interested to someone who is fun to talk with? I am having fun when I meet a guy whom I can talk about anything under the sun.


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  • I am not sure where does this logic come from, I don't believe that girl talk too much as such.

    • i might be wrong but i have heard this somewhere...

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    • Not necessarily that the guy is unsocial, but yes if a guy says like that then he is the type of guy, mentioned as below:

      1. He is a guy who doesn't talk much, he might be strong silent type of guy, you must have heard of such men? strong silent types?

      2. He could be an introvert and so he thinks/feels that girls talk too much.

      3. He could be an extremely shy type of guy.

      4. He could be a highly reserved type of guy. Point #3 and #4 are different, hope you know the difference between reserved and shy?

      5. It's possible he just doesn't have any interest in women, sexual or even otherwise, I mean in any sense you can imagine, what I am saying is he will only keep the interaction with women to the basic level, for example saying Hello and so on.

    • For your points, being unsociable can be a reason, a factor but that's not necessary that it has be like that.

      You asked about Immaturity? again, I don't think that can be a factor, not according to me. I don't think he is immature but then I don't know there are no details, if you are asking about guys in general or about guys who say girls talk too much then I don't think the guy being immature has anything to do with this.

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  • Nah dude, I am completely fine with how girls think. I love talking about anything

    • that's good. I rarely find guys who aren't self-conscious and just enjoy talking without hesitation.

    • Honestly I enjoy those paragraph long texts and hour long conversations, it shows that you care in my opinion

    • nice. that's what makes the relationship work, friendship or more. i'll follow you :)

  • I don't think girls talk too much. I guess because most are shy around guys.

    • some guys are awkward to talk to and some guys are shy too

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    • im sure you have approached girls and they enjoy your company even you are kinda shy. Shy guys can be cute :)

    • I have never approached a girl in my whole life.

  • I can't get enough of girls talking though.


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