My trust issues are affecting my relationship with my boyfriend. How do I stop this from happening?

I dated my ex for four months and he used me physically. And he burnt me with cigarettes.
My current boyfriend I know him since 3 years, he always liked me but me being a fool, I always dated bad guys. And when he Was always there for me when I went through hell with my ex, I fell for him.
He's busy with college and he works two jobs. I'm just studying atm. So sometimes he takes time to reply or he forgets to reply sometimes, and I end up getting annoyed and I delete his number cause I start to doubt him.
I think it's because of my ex and the way he treated me, I have trust issues. I don't know if this is a bad thing.
I told him some days ago that I feel insecure when he doesn't respond to me for hours. And he said sorry about it and said usually when that happens he's at work or he's sleeping or he's at college. Yet today it's happened again. He replied to me on Facebook, I had tagged him in a comment. But hasn't opened my snap on snap chat or replied to me on whatsapp. So I deleted his number so that I don't have to see it on my contacts and feel all the more annoyed.
I don't know what to do about this. I already told him how I feel when he 'ignores' me. I don't wanna seem clingy and bring it up again.


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  • If you've got time, there are two things you can do that'll help:

    1st, broaded your social circle. Go out and do things with other people besides him (you can tell him about it later). A bigger support network will help with those feelings.

    2nd, see if you can see a therapist. They've got helpful things you can do to retrain your brain and sort yourself out (think of them as a mental/emotional trainer that's covered by health insurance).

    Good luck, and try and keep in mind he's busy. I know it can be difficult (trust me, I know)

  • I feel the same way its not trust issue actually its about respect, all of us are busy but when we care we would have time, not the having a whole con at least one word every now and then, the face he is not answering ur whatsapp and answer fb maybe he is not interseted or doesn't want to get attached.


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