Why does everyone stares at us?

Everytime i go out with the guy im seeing a lot of people stares at us. I dont like it when people do that, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

People usually stares at me even when im alone and its like that too with him (this is because he's a foreigner). But then when we go out together there are more people who looks at us, some even tilt their heads. How do i make them stop?


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  • Are you good looking if yes that's your answer!


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  • This will sound a bit odd but is he good looking or are you good looking. There are some scenarios where people stop and stare if say the guy is good looking and the girl isn't or vice versa

    • I don't know, i think im average but everyone says im beautiful. Him, his pretty good looking and tall.

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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  • Its normal, also if your staring back it makes people stare too


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