How should a woman approach a man?

Usually men approach the woman basing himself on the signals he receives from her.

Now, if we invert the situation, how should a woman approach a man. Sometimes men are shy or simply don't pay attention to the woman's signals.

Please note your opinion and suggestions.
  • Don't approach the men, let him do it.
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  • If he showed no interest, why bother? Don't approach
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  • Try signaling him, play with your hair, try eye and body contact or bite your lip or something.
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  • Tell him straight out you like him.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • You are correct that there are actually shy, and introverted (gasp!) men out there, and we do not always pick up on women's signals. This is one of the reasons there are so many single people. Women refuse to even have a conversation with a man anymore, unless HE initiates. Ever wonder why "the wrong guys" always approach? If that is the case approach ones you actually like!

    If you want to approach a guy, start with a little of Option C. Most guys will pick up on that, plus its hot watching women flirt with us. If he still doesn't pick up on this then move on to Option D and tell him straight out.

    • Thanks a lot, Your answer gave me a little more insight. All this time I've just guessed men don't pick up on the signals because they are simply not attracted. Thanks πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ

Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, I let guys come to me. I've learned that if they are interested and man enough, they will eye you and/or approach you. As long as you don't ignore them and you also make eye contact/smile at them! just be patient and confident!

    • A guy would down vote this... figures.

    • So if a guy is too nervous to approach you he isn't 'man enough'? If so, I speak for a lot of guys when I say fuck you.

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  • Try to signal him by your body languages. If he still have no clues, you may take an indirect approach asking him out, ''hey... i think maybe we should get a drink sometime? Cause i gonna go to clean my toilet ;)''

  • If "signals" don't work, you may as well just be direct.

  • Most men, me included, prefer a woman to straight up tell me. If I was better at flirting, then it would be a different story. But I'm not. So, it's best if she straight up tells me.

  • Just tell him to put his number in your phone. He usually will if you're hot, or if you have a gun...

  • A little myrrh goes a long way.

  • From behind. Creep up and hold a rag with chloroform over his mouth until he passes out. Then you take him home and chain him up naked and blinfolded to the bed. When he wakes up give him plenty of water and two tablets that you tell him are for his headache but are really viagra. Wait an hour and once tge viagra begins working take off his blindfold, get naked and you know what to...


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