Is it okay to date younger girls?

Okay, so... I am 26, still in college. The girl is 18, end of senior year of high school.

How does it work? let me know what you people think on the age difference, and how it can affect a relationship. Also, how will it look to the public!?

actually, she's 17.


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  • Everyone will make fun of you.. you'll be embarrassed and end up lying about her age until she's old enough... so what's best is to wait until she's in college. The term "High School" sounds bad no matter how old you are. soo if you really like her wait. then it won't be too weird. like 20-28 ratio works well 18-26 sounds dirty. seriously I don't know y it works that way but my boyfriend who is 20 but a junior banged a 17yr old in her sen. yr. he lied about her age... and said she went to college. and that's a smaller age difference... not to mention the crap he got for it. lol. take my advice...

    • Yeah, I know. She graduates and is in College next fall. . . But, yah, a 26 year old dating an 18 year old does sound dirty! I dated a girl 3 years younger than me, and thought she was immature...but everyone is different, but still 8 year difference . . .a little much.

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  • I'm strongly against these cases. But I do admit that sometimes, love is possible regardless of age. But for the most part, it's usually older men preying on younger women because of their lack of experience. They are much easier to "mold".

    • Therefore, people may get the wrong idea, regardless of intentions...

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    • Not something new to me. just wanting you to better elaborate on your reasons for 'strongly against the cases' I didn't know if you were speaking of experience.

    • I've seen it first hand. That's experience enough. And more often than most. I realize this could be just my own area at the time, but this is a situation that occurs just about everywhere. Don't get me wrong, there are some much older legit old men who date young women. But for the most part, most only date them cause they are easier.