Why do guys not relly approach me?

Hi everbyody :D
I am currently thinking about why guys do not approach me. I really am not needy in any way and I really do know what I want in my life and for my future because of my past I had to become clear of what I want or not very fast. Here is it, I don't play any games and I clearly don't and want a boyfriend because others have one. I just want one because I would love the idea of having someone who is there for me in every situation and who would help me, of course I would definitely do the same thing for him too. But the more I seem to be interested in guys the more I notice that they don't even approach and when someone approaches me, he could be me father. My friends always tell me that I'm funny and really nice to people and I really do not have bad intentions with people, I'm who I'm and pretty much ok with that. I'm just asking myself if I seem to needy or arrogant or I don't know...

Know i thought maybe guys could tell me why they sometimes don't approach me.
This might help
I'm seventeen
-like to help people
-sure about what I want
-have accepted myself
- like to have good and deep conversations about god and the world
-i love to read and definitely love things that include poetry
-don't like too much romantic
-sometimes a little bit pessimistic
-tend to daydream sometimes
-sometimes need space for myself... don't have to meet people everyday
-outgoing introvert


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  • Guys approach soley on looks

    • not ugly though

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    • Put makeup on, I'm always friendly especially to people I don't know, I like to wear elegant and shiny clothes and sporty things... That was it

    • Well you'll figure it out eventually

  • You mention absolutely nothing about your looks... that's a big red flag!

    • I clearly don't look like the girls in the magazines but I'm not ugly... I'm ok... Heard this from many people but I'm not flattering myself on this point

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