Is the length of time you've been in a relationship with someone really that important? Or is quality over quantity way more important?

I've heard stories of people staying in toxic relationships for way longer then they needed to. I've seen people stay together for years and yet they ended up breaking up and finding there "real true love" after only months of dating someone else. I've seen relationships last for so long that everyone expected them to get married soon, but yet they never really looked all that happy together or there wasn't a real spark of chemistry between them that you see in most happily married couples. And then after years of being in a relationship, it mutually ends and they never speak again or even shed a tear over separating from each other. Why does this happen? Do you not know how unhappy you are because you've just never experienced anything better? And then when you finally DO find better, there's no mistaking that THIS is what you've always wanted and that THIS is real true love and those old relationships were absolutely meaningless nothings? Please share your thoughts. And if you've eve had any similar experiences or have seen this happen, please tell me about it!!


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  • It is actually very important; length of time is a strong predictor for all sorts of fundamental elements regarding success. "Quality over quantity" is a very poor way to think of human relations; instead think of them as corollaries, the higher quality the longer it will last.

    • I don't think thats true in a all cases. I know people who have stayed in a relationship for a few years and yet there was nothing there. The second they got out of it they were happier and found the person they wanted to marry. Of coarse after they got married, they ended up having a long relationship. But it was a happy one where they never fell out of love. So I'm asking why do people stay in those unhappy, unfulfilling relationships for so long?

    • I'm definitely not going to argue with you.

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  • It's quality that's the main factor in a relationship. Though that being said people stay in bad relationships for many reasons: afraid of being alone or not finding anyone better, believing things will work out or get better, feeling like they have to stay because they've invested so much time and effort into the relationship, etc.

    • Yep. I stayed with a guy longer than I should accepting less than I should once and it was a huge mistake. I was betting on myself more than anything knowing I'm stable, caring and worth love. He'd had a series of short relationships which ended for really stupid reasons but o have him he benefit of the doubt.

      Mistake. He was the kind of guy who took everything he could get and gave NOTHING in return. The second he had to put even the tiniest of effort into the relationship he bailed. I wasted half a year on him.

      The thing is though I was over it within the week. After all, what was there to miss? I instantly realized how nice other men treated me and what it was like robe wanted again. ☺️

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  • Quality over quantity. If it doesn't start good it doesn't end well.


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