What line should I use and what should I do tomorrow - first time we meet but not official date at all?

So there's this "friend of a friend" that I have been texting to, just a little, and tomorrow I am going to study in the library of his school. A long time ago he told me about another library that exists there and I told him that I don't know where it is and he said he could show me. So, tomorrow, when I get there, what should I say to this guy? What should I text him? I mean, I am interested in seeing where that other library is but I actually am more interested in knowing him and maybe have a coffee? And I want to stay studying at the first one haha
I mean... I already saw him a few times in person but we only said "Hi" to each other lol


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  • After he shows you the library ask him out for coffee


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  • Just text him "Hey I am here studying at ____ library and I remember you telling me about this other library and that you'd show me where it is. Are you free to come meet up with me? I'll treat you to some coffee :)"

    • Ohhh like that little twist in the end, nice one. Thank you. :)

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  • Just wink at him.

    • Wink? At what point? :P

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    • I never winked to a guy before... I don't even know if I wink like a normal person haha :P but thank you for your advice

    • You have to practice in a mirror. If it looks bad, don't do it.

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  • Just say hello and act natural

    • Yeah but first I need to tell him that I am there studying... I have to say something to him to make him come to me. He will not be at the library probably.

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