I talked to my crush finally. He gave me his number, but doesn't reply to my text?

I finally got the courage to went up to my crush and talked to him. I said I was interested and I wanted to get to know him. He made eye contact, but seemed a little nervous, like he was rubbing his neck and raising his shoulders.
He also seemed really surprised that I was into him. He actually seems to be very outgoing, social and confident. Even a bit snobbish. So I dont think he is shy.
But he said "Find my number from your classmates and text me today."
I was shocked. So I asked him to give his number himself. He gave me his number. Then he said he had to go and rushed away.

I waited for a day to text him. But when I texted him, he didn't reply. Its been three days and he still haven't replied. He also didn't come to school.
Am I rejected? Is he avoiding me? Is he playing it cool or just not interested? And should I talk to him again? (I cannot find the courage to go up and ask him why he didn't reply since he always has dozens of guys around him.)


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  • Move on. Next time tell your potential boyfriend that he is to communicate with you at least once a day and if he doesn't you'll consider the relationship over and won't take him back. If they like you enough they'll respect your rule

    • Well, since he doesn't know me, its more likely for him not to like me. But I guess he doesn't wanna know me, either. Thanks.

  • He probably died.

    • Thats what I thought...

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    • I dont know. I dont think its easy to miss a text. Should I just dont care tomorrow in school or talk to him?

    • I would talk to him personally. But the things I would do tend to be the wrong thing so it's your call.

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