Guys, is it over now?

Me and my "boyfriend" (actually, dont know if he still my boyfriend), lately didn't see each other very often, he stoped invite me to his home, then he had to work for 2 month in another country, we met twice in September in another country, but then he just dissapeared for 1 month, then appeared, wrote me a lot and we met about 2 weeks ago in another country where he work.
After that trip in a week he wrote me, that he still work in another country and maybe i can come again. I wrote him back, that yes i can come again for sure.
He didn't answer anything...
In 2 days he wrote me in whats up, how is my Sunday, i didn't see it for and then answred, that i just read and my Sunday was fine, he only replied with several smiles...
And silent again...
He loosing interest?
What happenin?


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  • it sounds like this is a very casual relationship. i don't think it's that he lost interest as much as it seems like he has only luke warm interest in general. he may like the casual sort of relationship and not want it to proceed beyond that

    • What u mean "luke warm interest"?
      We dated for 3 years, and we had very high interest 4 each other, passion, he always called me and wrote whenever he had to go work in another country.
      But just this autumn he stoped invite me to his place, then we met (he bought me tockets) in countries he worked in, then he dissapeared for 1 month, then sppaered agsin, again bought me tickets, so i flew to country he currently work, spent few days and came back, its been already 2 weeks now, and he inly wrote me twice, very casually...
      Seems like its over

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    • And what should i do?
      Answer him or ignore?

    • i would address the matter. rather than stay in a relationship with so much grey area i'd want to have some sort of clarification on the status of the relationship

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  • He is not taking seriously, he is probably talking to other girls, try not to chase him and be patient see what happens , if nothing happens you have to move on :/

    • I dont chase him at sll. If he wants to leave, i will not beg him to stay... But he bahve strangely, if he dont like me, why write me

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