If a guy I used to date is making a big conversation about taking me out and what I want, could he be interested again?

We dated on and off a few times over the past few years. He always reaches out to me randomly... and I've ignored him a bunch but then he tries later again sometimes. We had spent LOTS of time together in the past, hours, many dates, but it wasn't a serious relationship. We are from very different places, plus he is older.

We never had sex but did make out a lot, very passionate... amazing chemistry from what I remember.

Anyhow, he reached out to me recently, we have been chatting. He makes sexual comments. I told him I do not want causal sex. He wanted to know what I want and so I told him exactly what I am looking for, dates, emotional connection, someone I can talk to. He said that means he is the right person then. He said he doesn't want casual sex either.

He asked me what I want from this. I said I want him to plan a date, he asked what my schedule is like, he said he can pick me up too if we go out. He did ask if I would ever go away on vacations or overnight, I said not now. I told him I am not ready for sex now, that I need to get comfortable with him and reacquainted. He said he knows.

He was asking what I liked about him, if I ever think about him sometimes, that he thought of me, that he thinks there has always been some type of connection between us, a strong attraction. He told me that when we first met I was very young.

We were talking for hours, he wanted to talk on the phone too but I could only text at the moment when he was talking to me.

I told him that I have to go, and he should think about it and let me know if he decides he wants to go out. He said "I definitely want to meet up" and he kept saying "I want to see you" I said "so plan a date."

Why would he talk to me for hours, asking me all about what I want, if he doesn't mean it? I said many times that I don't want just sex, and that I am not ready for it, and he said OK. Was he just fishing the waters? If he doesn't want just sex he probably wouldn't waste that much time right?

Do you think he will follow up with me? We just had this talk last night. But he is also a big talker. I don't know if he was just fishing to see if I would have casual sex, or if he is down to date. He said he is, but who knows if he means it. What do you think?


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  • Sounds like he is


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