Don't know what this girl wants. Help please?

Let me sum up all this big "mess":

So me and this girl where good friends (and I started falling for her), have like 90% of common stuff and ideals, started hanging out in the summer, would text every day and all day (some times until 4am)! By the end of the summer I confessed my feelings for her. Sadly I got very disapointed and crushed, she kind of "rejected me" by giving this explanation: "I got out of a abusive relationship 5 months ago (this relationship lasted 3 years and the guy wouldn't simply let her speak with any guy) and also my previous relationships where bad. You are indeed the one who I would text 1st everyday when I found something to show or tell and I like you as a person. I think I'm fine being single at the moment and we should know each other better."
Well this got me very sad and destroyed inside (since I'm very emotional) so I started backing off from her. What happened is that she started complaining about me being so distant and I gave her excuses for that (stupidly hiding my sadness). So I tried to get back in contact but at the same time keep a bit of distance.

Well, lately she texts me everyday about anything or just to share some links , she also teases me, cracks some jokes, etc... Asks for help, asks questions about my school life and some other. Sometimes she comes up with hangout ideas but I have to deny them since I have a busy life.
And what got me confused was this last weekend:

A friend of us invited us to watch a movie, during the movie we made a pause and my friends got out of the room to grab some food. So while the 2 of us where in the couch she started punching me in the shoulder and that evolved into a play figthing between both of us (I think this is flirting). After the movie we went play some playstation, and while I was playing she started distracting me by tickling my ear.

Well all of this has been happening for about 4 months, and now I'm u
Looks like I ran out of words xD
Well, Im undecided of what to do and very confused of what she want's, if she regrets rejecting me, is stringing me along or anything else.


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  • She wants a plaything


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