Guys, Why did this guy ask for my contact info then not contact me?

So I met this guy in the summer we kind of talked and stuff, no big deal. Then past 2 weeks there was an event and I saw him again and we talked a lot.
He asked me for any contact info like my number so we could stay in touch, but I didn't really wanna give it to him because I barely knew him and I dont know. So I told him I'd come again to the even in a couple of days.

So I did and before he left he gave me his number and told me to call him, and when I went home we both texted for a bit.

And after that he hasn't even messaged me or anything. It makes me feel cheap lol. Like he was flirting with me and saying all of these things about how cool and beautiful I was and how he wanted to talk to me.

But why hasn't he contacted me more? When we did text last he took forever to respond and it didn't really sound like he wanted to make conversation.

Did he just want my number for fun? Lol. Not funny.


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  • He got cold feet. Well cold fingertips. Maybe cold buttons? Or he just didn't pay his phone bill again. God I hate my phone bill, it's outrageous these days, you know?

    I don't even use it that much!

    • No that's not it -__- He even got my Skype and he's online right now so he could message me

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    • LOL ur a character huh

    • Sorry about that. What I mean is just forget him. He's a loser anyway. Or not, but you can think him as such, and no one would hold it against you.

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  • its tough to say , he could be busy , he might of lost interest , . personally there is girls I like and I just sort of lose touch with them even if I have them on say a social media site. its sometimes harder to keep in touch with people through digital and online means than you realise


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