What is he trying to say?

So my guyfriend goes to a different college, in a different city. Taking up engineering, he much older than me But we knew each other for so long, he's my bestie. But now he been trying to get closer to me. So we hung out and he told me that he thought of something important. He told me that he wants to move back where I live. He wants to take a break and find a job. He wants to move back with his parents until he finds a place. Now he showing me some houses and is pointing out ones that I might like. He saying things like, thats your house right there. Do he want more than a friend ship? In scared.


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  • He could just want your opinion.
    Maybe he values you so much as a friend that he wants to know what you think.

    Or maybe he has feelings for you. But if he does, jumping right into house buying seems a bit too fast, so I'm thinking maybe that isn't his intentions.


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