So I posted a pick on instagram and if my crush doesn't like it does it mean she doesn't like me?

Just very self-conscious about things because I really like this girl. Its been 24 hrs since i posted it.


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  • Not necessarily

    • What are your thoughts on it?

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    • Thanks for MHO! -x

    • Anytime

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  • Does she normally like your stuff?

    • I just added her like a couple dayz ago and i dont normally post a lot

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    • Thanks so much

    • You're very welcome :)

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  • Why does she has to like it in order to like u lel. Sum people are shy and they won't do it

    • Well I figured that would be a way shed show me she likes me

    • Sum people dont make it obvious to their crush cuz they are embarrassed to admit it. U will have to chat her up and watch her body language.

    • What type of body language gives sogns she does like me?

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