How often are your romantic firsts with person accompanied by alcohol (or similar substances)?

How often are your romantic firsts with person accompanied by alcohol (or similar substances)?

When you hold hands, cuddle, kiss, make out, make love, etc. with an individual for the first time, how often is alchohol (or a comparable substance) used in conjuction with your romantic advances? How often does the brew correlate with these person-to-person benchmarks of your romantic endeavours?

***Note: The poll refers to ANY consumption of alchohol within the effective timeframe of the romantic advances. If you would like to clarify how little or how much was involved, you may do so in the comments, but do not sway your answer. Count all events where alchohol was consumed regardless of the amount involved, or the perceived alchohol tolerance of either party.

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Ok guys. Romantic advances means something you wouldn't do with your sibling. Is that clear enough?

Whether its a hook up, or a long term relationship, any physical progression beyond platonic behavior is romantic in affect for this poll.


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  • Never has involved alcohol before. I get on edge with " romantic " interests when alcohol is involved and usually stay away from those temptations. There is a difference between romantic interest and convenient interests though. I've had one convenient interest before and that did involve alcohol. I also ended it immediately after though

    • Yeah, that counts.

      Convenient interest wasn't a term that I was aware of when making this poll.

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    • If it wasn't a romantic interaction, and it wasn't a platonic interaction, then what type was it? "Convenient" interaction is something made up, that doesn't even exist on google.

    • Okay Mr. Google king, if I'm wrong, please give me the right answer then. I answered your question with my opinion, I'm sorry that's not good enough for you but I don't really think I'm too torn up about it either.

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  • hahah NEVER!!!


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