Im gorgeous but im alone, is it my fault?

if i had joined a sorority, do u think i would have found a boyfriend in a frat by now? I study a lot so i don't really go out too much, and im not into tinder. my best friend is gay so when we go out, its usually to gay clubs. i made a new friend but the guys i met when i went out with her are creepy and older. i just want to not feel so shity... what can i do? i also basically live alone, my gay roommate is always with his boyfriend.


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  • Joining a sorority is the worst possible thing you can do so don't do it

  • No its not your fault, most guys just are really bad at knowing when girls are interested, just go talk to a guy your attracted to, most guys respond well when the girl comes to them simply because if your too attractive they will just assume you already have a boyfriend.
    I understand what you mean even after a few months of being without my ex (of 3 years) i drag through life kinda depressed because all the girls i flirt with are either in relation ships or not interested. Id say im fairly attractive, athletically built, and i even iron my cloths for al the girls out there. But if you are still lonely and read this, im lonely too and if you want to talk, just text me
    so we both dont have to feel so shity anymore
    oh and im 20, 21 in a few weeks


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