Did I mess up my chances Werth this guy by having sex to soon?

So I was taking to this guy I met on line for life a month. Than I ended up having sex with him the 1st time we met. (I know that's bad and not something I normally do) but it happened I've seen him one time since than no sex that time it was on his lunch brake. Anyways is about 50/50 on why texts 1st well since than I've text him a couple times he has responded but it's been 3 days of me not using him 1st and he has not text me. So really did I mess up my chances with him by sleeping with him to soon? I know he isn't a player and was using me for sex I can tell that is not his personality.


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  • You don't mess up your chances with a guy by having sex too soon. When you have sex with a guy mostly doesn't matter. It won't make a guy stay or go. If you want to have sex with a guy then go ahead. But most relationships don't last beyond a couple of dates. So if you have sex with guys soon after meeting them you will have sex with a lot of guys who don't stick around.


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