Am I too crazy for a boyfriend or do I just not get out there enough?

Im a senior in college, not really involved in any clubs or a sorority. I've only ever hooked up with guys and haven't had the chance to be in a real relationship with someone that lasted more than a month. If i had joined a sorority do u think i would have a boyfriend or at least more friends?
  • u would be happier have more friends, maybe a boyfriend
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  • u no urself and u never would have joined one stop it with this bs
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  • You're in college and hooking up with guys. You get the reputation of a girl that just hooks up. How do you expect to get a boyfriend when they know you're screwing around?


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  • Part of it is meeting enough people that someone will like you, but part of it is pursuing a relationship with that person. There are still plenty of people out there to date so don't feel bad that you haven't had a boyfriend yet.

    • i just feel like my life is a shit show.

    • Well you're graduating from college soon, so your life seems on track.

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  • the second option had me dying.

    being out there and open would definitely help but it's not like you're going to all of a sudden start joining clubs and shit.


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