This guy im seeing suddenly stopped calling me. what should I do?

there is this guy who has been pursuing me for more than a year. I was never interested in him because he was too desperate. long story short I ran into him at my cousins place two 6 months back and we started getting close. 2 months ago he was calling me every night and he would talk about our future together and marraige and stuff. We are both from the same place but i am yet to complete my studies in another state. 2 weeks back i went home and we hung out the whole week and when i had to leave, he said he's gonna miss me so much and that he would come and meet and how he wished i stayed longer. 2 days later, he stopped calling me. I casually asked him why and he replied that he was going through a lot of problems at his work place and home and he doesn't wanna talk to anyone. I left it at that. After a week he put up a picture in whatsapp of him and a girl. It got to my nerves and i asked him who that girl was and if she was his girlfriend or sumthing. I know it sounded needy but he just made everything we had feel so cheap. he answered that she is his friend. Like seriously, he was going through a lot he couldnt text or call but he could put up pics of him and a girl. that was it for me. he hasn't tried contacting me since then and itts been 3 days since i asked him that and im just so angry and i feel abandoned like what i feel means nothing to him. i dont wanna talk to him but the fact that he hasn't called makes me angrier. How can someone so close distant himself so much in such a short span of time. Im so confused.
he was desperate because he pursued me right after he broke up with someone and i didn't wanna be a rebound. In the two months we got close and i even introduced him to my friends. What i dont get is we are finally in a good place and he just decided to flake out on me.


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  • What do you care in the first place? He's to desperate for you

    • yeah but she said he used to be too desperate and she grew interested, surely he waasnt still thinking about her disinterest in the beginning and forget that in the last two months an then two weeks they grew very close

    • @nymous1234 yes, he even told me he never wants to lose me after everything we've been through. that was the night right after he stopped calling. i told him i was sorry i was so mean to him in the beginning but he told me it was all worth it.

    • Trust he was lying

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  • You had set with him didn't you? He got what he wanted. He had -and has a girlfriend, you never had anything real. But the moment there is a shift in energy with his girl, he'll hit you up again, and you need to tell him to kick rocks!

    • i didn't sleep with him. But when he told me he liked me , i told him i do too. why go through all the trouble of meeting my friends and then disappear right after he has my heart.

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  • An important question is do you still get turn off by his needy, desperate behavior? Do you really liked him? If the answer was yes, then you should ask him out indirectly. Simple

  • Ok i dont mean for, this to, come out mean but he simply got tired of waiting on you and found someone else who would be with him the way he wanted

  • Weren't you sorta holding out on him? Your relationship?


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