Is he serious about me?

I've been dating this guy for 2 weeks. I messaged him first, and we talked and he asked to meet up for a date, and on the first date after we went out we made out. The same thing happened on other dates, except on the third he tried taking off my bra, and wanted to have sex. I wasn't ready and made it clear, and he stopped and saw my anger. He told me he that he would wait till I'm ready, and that he wanted only me. We went on another date, and i got a bit turned on, and we did not have sex, but he humped me for a bit which turned me on, but then i realized maybe he doesn't like me, and then i started getting upset again, and he got right off me and we didn't talk for a bit, then he laid his head on my lap and said that he stopped because he didn't want to do anything i didn't want. but why does he keep trying then?


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  • He keeps trying because he is physically attracted to you. That doesn't mean he cares for you, he may or may not. Any guy will TELL you he is willing to wait, because he may get a chance later and doesn't want to blow that.

    How does he treat you the rest of the time? The fact that he wants you does not make him a bad guy, but it doesn't mean he has any feelings for you either.

    Hope that doesn't come off like a jerk, he may be the greatest guy in the world, but your not going to find that out while your making out.


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  • After the first date, you already got physical? If you want to increase your chances of actually finding a guy that really is into you than just to get the sex out of you, then you should get to know him and allow him to get to know you. You even said during him humping you, you weren't sure if he liked you. So why engage in that type of activity if you're not even sure how a man feels about you, or what his intentions are? You barely know him, nor do you have the right amount of trust between you and him. The first date is way too early, in my opinion. Don't give yourself away so easily like that.

    Also, you were confusing him a bit, becuase if you decide to get sexual, he's expecting to go all the way, not you having little fits and pauses. Make yourself CLEAR in what you want or what you're looking in the relationship, becuase honestly, this relationship is off to a bad start.

    • no we did not get physical but he got a bit carried away and stopped touching me once i freaked out

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  • He could be serious about you, because he told you he wanted only you. If it would make you feel better, talk to him about what you are looking for and see what he says.

  • Guys are confusing.


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