He doesn't think love is for him?

This guy and I are extremely connected to each other, meaning we both felt a connection right away. I thought this was the best match for me until my world dropped on me when he said he doesn't think he'll ever be in love. He also said he doesn't think love is meant for him. He said he has never been in love before even though he had many girlfriends and dated around. I'm torn apart. All my friends (including my happily married mother) have told me that he looks at me like he's in love and radiates around me. We have hour long phone calls and we check up each other all the time. I'm the type of the girl who loves the idea of love and is in love with the idea of falling in love and living happily every after. It feels like this is the only thing keeping us apart. Do you think he would ever change over time? We've only known each other a few months. And we are both young, 18 and 22. What should I do?


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  • I think in time he will realize that he is in love with you... Because that's what love is... Everything that you just named... So I think he will eventually say it. I personally just don't see how he can't realize that he's in love with you.


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  • I think he's putting love on a very heavy pedestal. Maybe you should ask him out indirectly if you really liked him and observe his pattern more when being on date with him. Ask him to chill

  • I don't think love is for me either I honestly don't believe there is a girl out there for me I'm really not compatible


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