Girls, looking for a Lonely Girl Like me?

So yeah where do I start, Im 20 years old, 21 in a few days athletic and very lonely. After a several months of leaving my ex for 3 years i still have an overwhelming feeling of depression. Although i have flirted with other girls they always end up having boyfriends or being non interested. I have to believe there is some girl out there that really just wants a lonely soul to talk to, so i am putting this out there with a hopeful heart. If you are going through the same thing i am, and want to talk fell free to text me, just so where both so alone in this universe
-A lost Lonely soul that just wants to love someone, and have that one person to talk to


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  • Why did you leave your ex? If this question is too personal you don't have to answer.

    • She left me, mostly becasuse i was here in illinois and she was in colorado and found someone named Alex that could give her more of a physical soothing of her problems :(

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