Is it easier to find a virgin male than virgin female?

Google seems to suggest and leans towards the greater number of involuntary male virgins, as opposed to female virgins. Do you think there are more male virgins than female virgins in the world?

I noticed that involuntary male virgins have extreme shyness and anxiety towards the opposite sex - not so different from me. Their lifestyles, from what I read, seem to mirror mine. So, maybe I just have to find someone with similar personality and lifestyle and interests as I do, and there may be a high chance that we'll both be virgins, sharing our firsts together.


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  • Lol men definitely. The main difference is that a shy girl will still be approached online or outside. A shy guy won't be approached and he won't be doing the approaching. So you better start approaching shy guys if you want one.

  • Yes. Men have greater rejection rates, which is why they're more virgins as compared to women.


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