I have a rich boyfriend but I am poor on Christmas it will be our 2 year anniversary. What do I get him?


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  • Give him Sex. We all know ur with him for his money.

    • ok one he didn't tell me about his money until 6 months in...

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    • I'm straight. But women are the issue in today's world. I think u need mental help.

    • You* and no I don't my friend but thank you and the issues of the world have nothing do to with women. The issues of the world are way bigger than women

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  • You could try gifts. com or buzzfeed has a bunch of "Random gifts under 20"


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  • Even the brokest of the brokest can afford a gift that costs no more than $50.

    • He always dismisses everything I suggest

    • If all goes wrong, just cook something and fix something up really really nice for him and his family

    • Thats a good idea thank you

  • Have you read gift of the Maji


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