How do I know if my crush likes me?

Okay well he is a BIG Flirt and I mean BIG but I feel like it's different... He isn't like so approachable with me I'm like literally one of the few girls in my class he doesn't talk to and mess around with last year he would a lot but like in a flirty way but I didn't know what to say and I would get all nervous and look dumb lol anyway like he usually goes up to any girl and well talks to her like nothing... But he just can't talk to me like whenever we walk towards each other you can tell he wants to tell me something cause he just looks and looks and sometimes he walk towards me but he never makes it lol... Everyone always tells me he checks me out all the time I even have a picture someone sent me lol I have him for 1 class and he looks at me but I'm too scared to smile at him cause I don't know if he likes me I don't know but we don't talk like at all I mean we've talked like a couple of times I guess but he used Lots of emojis... And texted back pretty quick but I don't know but he had like this incident with 2 of my best friends so like its pretty awkward so I guess that's why he kind of keeps his distance with me cause I'm always with them anyway I always see him looking at me from the other side of the hall... Maybe he is scared to get rejected cause I reject most guys (which are all his friends) but because I like him lol very complicated please answer please help :(
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One of his close friends keeps telling me he wants my number but his friend likes me a lot lol he's obsessed literally and my crush isn't the type to ask someone to do something like that for him if he wants your number he will ask you... I don't know PLEASE HELP
Today in class he tried getting really close to me while I was sitting with my friends he got in back of me and I got really nervous :/


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  • He likes you

    • What should I do how do I get him to talk to me?

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