Is the time important when telling her how I feel?

I have a cruah on this girl for a long time and I'm going to tell her that in school. My dating and flirting skills suck so never really advanced. I want to come and just tell her how I feel about her. I know for sure that I will see her in the morning and she will be alone (hard for me to get her out of our group that we are both in). She will be doing stuff in her locker and I always pass that corridor. Does it matter if its the morning like 10am? Even if I didn't see her yet that day? Is it ok coming out of no where just saying hi and right to plan?


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  • Its perfect your plan

    • I just feel like coming in the morning and the first thing I say is that I like her is kinda awkward and out of place. But maybe it's just an excuse I make

    • If you never do it you'll wonder whai if from now on

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