Is scanning one's face a sign of attraction?

Hey there! Today, while I was in class next to a girl, we talked a little and all.

However, each time I looked at her she was like " scanning "my face I wonder what does it mean.

I'm kind of attracted to this girl, I might be overseeing things.

Thank you! :)


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  • No, you're right. Scanning is a sign that she is attracted.

    • Well, thank you it gives hope :)

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  • Dude, u never know about girls... i learned this lesson way ago...
    if u want to know if she likes u or not... just ask her... or u can ask if she is single or not... then u will have a clear answer...
    scanning ur face simply is not a sign of attraction

    • If asking a girl out was that easy I wouldn't be there torturing myself to know what to do when the words are not coming out.

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    • Bro... i was just like u... i cannot even maitain eye contact with a girl... coz i am introver and i have serious social anxiety disorder...
      do u know how i got a hot gf?
      i got her mail... and i flirted with her like a maniac... she said "ur so shy in person and u flirt like hell on chat"
      i made herself so comfortable during chatting... that she is the one who initiates physical things in real...
      bro,,,, ur just like me... get her gmail, fb, etc... and flirt with her online and remain a decent guy in reality... u won't realise how quickly she will fall for u...

    • Oh I'll try to do something similar to you maybe it will work for me as much as it seems to have worked for you, thank you.

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  • You're overseeing. Not that this actually means what you intended it to mean in this sense.


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