How to recover from doing something embarrassing/stupid?

A couple of days ago when I was drinking I convinced myself he didn't like me and messaged him apologising for being too forward because I know he just wants to be friends...
Now I feel really silly because I'm pretty sure he did in fact like me, and now I look like a crazy insecure girl.

Is there any way to come back from this? I don't know if I should say hi or want for him to. 😣
Okay so I messaged him and just said Hey how was your day 😊 and so far he's seen it but hasn't replied yet 😳


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  • Maybe you can text him and tell him that you drunk texted him and wasn't in the right frame of mind. If he really likes you he will forgive you. It depends if he is the type of guy that forgives.

    • Nah I want that drunk. It was more of a moment of insecurity than anything.
      All I basically said was sorry if I made you uncomfortable by being too forward.
      But looking back it's so obvious that he liked me
      Ugh 😣
      Maybe he doesn't anymore if he hasn't messaged me?

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    • If I was him I would forgive you and not hold it against you. Maybe it caught him off guard.

    • That message sounds good that you wrote. I hope he understands and message you back. At least you tried to fix things.

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  • so, you ask this question 4 minutes ago, asking what to do, then you text him 2 minutes in, without even waiting for answers on here...

    You should not have texted him. But you did. Now you wait. If he never texts back, it's over before it began.
    the other thing you can do is, if you run in to him in person, ask him straight out why he never replied to your text and if the reason was that drunk text you sent him.

    Communicating in person usually helps with clearing up misunderstandings.

    • Yeah you're right. I guess the best thing to do is chill and see how he reacts

    • exactly! just ignore this ever happened. And really, if something so insignificant is enough to scare him away, you'll be better off anyway.

    • This is true. I guess I would give a second chance if it went the other way
      We live and learn I suppose

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  • Sorry about the text my friends thought it would be funny to embrass me

  • do another stupid thing


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  • Not really- you were drunk you made a mistake just laugh it off!

  • Just shrug it off. I do embarssing thing all the time.


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