How do I get over him if he won't leave me alone?

i have been broken up with my ex for a year now, but every time I start to get over him he throws me a text or calls me and asks if I want to hangout...i usually always cave and we hangout and we always laugh and have a good time. the next day ill text him or ask if he wants to chill again and he won't respond and I won't hear from him for another month and its back to the same cycle...I'm sick of this and I just want to get over him already but he won't stop! what are his intentions...GUYS HELP why is he doing this to me?

hung-out with him tonight...he basically ignored me and brought me to one of his friends house it was just very uncomfortable. next time I won't answer his texts. =/


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  • By the sound of it, even though you say you want to get over him, I'm getting the feeling that you really don't want to be over him.

    If he really is causing you this much stress in trying to get over him, why don't you just not reply to his text or call? If you keep answering him, then he'll just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

    At the same time, he probably still has feelings for you and doesn't want to let you go.

    Hmm... the only advice I can give to you ... well it's more of a suggestion, but you should reevaluate how you feel about him and your relationship with him? Can you guys be just friends? Are there still feelings there?

    I wish you luck in this situation and hope you can overcome your feelings for him.

    • We broke up because he had a girlfriend that I didn't know about..and he's still with we can't get back together for that reason. and my feelings for him are still strong but at the same time he hurt me so much I can't just be friends with him I'm too attracted to him.

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    • Yeahh I have heard that a lot. thank you.

    • Honestly, however, I believe that you should only choose the best for yourself. Whether that is in school, friendships, or serious relationships.

      And yeah, I'm sure you heard this a lot, but you honestly should move on and find someone who will love you, cherish you, and treat you like the princess you are. Okay? And even though, I really don't know you, but I want you to know that I know you'll make it through this.

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  • If you still have feelings for him and want to move on, then you have to tell him that you can't maintain a friendship with him like you have been doing. Ask him to stop contacting you and then, if he still wants to be friends, you'll contact him when you're ready for that.

    If he really wants a friendship with you, he will understand and leave you alone. It's going to be hard because you sound like you want to keep him in your life but if it's hurting you then it's for the best this way.

    • Been there done that tried that...i told him in november I didn't want to talk to him that it hurt me too much and he didn't contact me again until last week saying how its not fair that I didn't consider his feelings and that he didn't have much say in my decision not to talk to him...and of course I responded and said "are you really getting mad at something that happened 2 months ago?" and he didn't respond...he acts like my frfeind for alittle while and then flakes out.

    • To be honest, it sounds like he is just trying to have it all ways because by keeping you as a friend he doesn't have to admit that he did something to hurt you. You need to let yourself be happy. I would ignore him if he contacts you again and hope he gets the message. Good luck :)

  • Ugh, I know I'm not much help here, but I just wanted to say that you're not alone. I've been in this same situation for the past 3 years, and I still can't find a way to get over him. I am getting seriously sick of it. I wish I could be with him, but he just won't change, you know? I don't understand why some guys are like this, but it's seriously disappointing. I wish both of us luck in dealing with our situations.

    • Haha thanks its good to know I'm not alone...and good luck to the both of us...hope we can learn and be stronger. =]