I'm scared he'll like her better?

I have been seeing this guy for a few months.
We are not TECHNICALLY exclusive but i'm 99% sure neither of us are sleeping with other people currently.
However, we are going to a party this weekend, together at which there will be a girl that i know he finds very attractive & has considered sleeping with in the past. I'm very nervous & I don't know what to do.


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  • Make sure he doesn't gets to sleep with her
    U can take him with u or simply ask him to be with u while u r there


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  • I don't think anyone will say this but it's what I'd do based on experience
    Befriend her
    Meet her and make a good impression, hang out, casually mention you're seeing him
    That and making yourself look good that night, and don't act insecure around him


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  • Charm him more while you are there.. Make him notice tbat you love him.. Then maybe he won't bother getting attracted to her

  • If he's loyal, don't worry about it, but if he sleeps with her, you deserve better


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