Girls, Asked out a coworker. She didn't give straight no, but didn't say yes. Do I have any chance down the road with her?

So there is this girl who has been interning at my job. From day one she and I have gotten along great. When the idea initially crossed my mind to ask her out, I ignored it as I figured she's only around for a few months, the crush would pass and there's a good chance she ends up finding a job in another city anyway. Plus I've always thought it's a bad idea to date coworkers.

Well fast forward a couple months and we've hung out in groups outside of work. And I realize I am still into her. I decide to finally text her after we were out in a group and tell her I like hanging out with her and was wondering if she'd like to get together just the two of us. She responds with saying we get along really well and she likes hanging out with me too. But follows up with she doesn't think the coworker thing is a good idea and she doesn't know where she'll end up.

So it seems like a decent chance she may end up getting a job with us after all. On one hand I think she if she was interested she would've said yes. On the other, I would expect her to say we should just be friends and wouldn't say the part about getting along well and enjoying hanging out if she truly just wanted to be friends.

Is it worth my time to try again in like a month if she stays around. Or am I right in thinking I never really had a shot?


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  • She is not interested. She already told you that dating a coworker is not a good idea.


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