Is she still interested? Or am I in the friendzone?

This girl I like is coming back home from University soon and I was wondering if she's still interested in getting together?

We went on four dates over the Summer - for drinks, meals together and she came over to my place to watch a movie alone too. We got on really well, she was smiling and laughing a lot and also seemed a bit nervous around me. I didn't kiss her, but I touched her and flirted/teased her which she seemed to enjoy.

We've been in semi-regular contact while she's been away. Texted me drunk flirting once and seemed a bit embarrassed after. Seems excited to hear from me and what I'm doing and I just try and tease her. I did say it'd be good to see her again and she replied "aww if you're lucky ;)".

She doesn't normally text me first (only three or four times in the last few months) but does respond quite quickly, likes me teasing her and seem engaged. I only text her like once a week or fortnight as we are both busy.

I don't know if she'd still be interested after three months apart but I think she does want to see me again. She mentioned before that we should go on a night out together and for her friends to meet mine but I don't know.

Any thoughts on this?


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  • I guess you won't know until you ask her out again :)

    • I did say it'd be good to see her again and she replied "aww if you're lucky ;)" I took that as a flirty yes.

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    • No problem!

      She's back this weekend and I asked her out for a few days after and she said yes :)

    • Oh cool! :D Enjoy!!

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  • and u can't ask her?

    • You're so much faster giving an opinion lol. Needa beat you..

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    • Could do... would want to do that face to face though!

      Personally, I'd rather flirt and go in for a kiss than straight ask her. Is that better or not?

    • I mean u know her better than i do! Do you think she okay with that! If she is than great.

  • I say she's still interested :) I used to act the exact same way when before my boyfriend and I began officially dating. She likes messing with your head a little so you keep thinking about her and question where you stand. I could be wrong, but just see how your date goes with her after she returns and then you can pick up from there. Good luck and I hope you enjoy her company!! :)

    • She definitely started to tease and flirt more as we got to know each other more. Texts are littered with smileys, exclamation points and questions.

      I'm sure we'll pick up where we left off (if anything she seems happier to hear from me now?). My mates think we can get together so I've got nothing to lose really.

      Thanks for the advice :)

    • Aww, glad to hear it lol :) I always like a good ending ahaha. Keep me posted about your progress because in a lovey dovey mood apparently lol

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  • i have to say the biggest mistake you made is not making any move on her. you should have made a move on her after 4 dates and you would have had your answer. now its impossible to know because you haven't seeing her in months so what i suggest you do is go on a date with her and then make your move or else you will never know.

    • I know what you mean. I did escalate on each date to the point I was touching her regularly and she was smiling/didn't mind. Hugged but didn't kiss which was a mistake. She is quite nervous/shy too.

      Your advice is sound though, thats what I'm planning to do!

  • Do it right now, don't think about it, mindlessly send her "Hey, I wanna tell you I love you, are you gonna love me back?"


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