Why would a girl tell me I look like I have a lot of girls?

This one female co-worker asked me whats new, we haven't seen each other for a while and i said well i went out with this one girl and she left her tissues in my car and when i gave it back to her the girl told me to keep it, the other girls mite need it. then my co worker said you look like you have a lot of girls.
(which I really don't)

I was really speechless when she said that, that i didn't say anything. I was actually in a bit of an awe on the misconception that was made. but still funny as hell to think about it.


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  • I got this from women a lot too, even though I never dated more than one girl at a time and didn't even look at other women when I had a girlfriend. I don't know if it's just what women expect men to be like or they are projecting what they would be like if they were men onto us.

    • I dont understand the last part "they are projecting what they would be like if they were men onto us."

    • I had a girlfriend who really opened my eyes about women. She was strangely, almost pathologically honest and forthcoming in things she would say, it didn't stop her from also being very typically female in mentality. It was kind of like that guy who had a glass plate in his stomach so doctors could watch his digestion. She used to say stuff all the time like, if I were a guy I'd do this or i wouldn't put up with that.

      Like for example, after she would make some irrational demand that she wouldn't explain or give a reason for to convince me to go along with it when she finally realized i wasn't going to give in to her whim she'd say, "If I were a guy i wouldn't put up with any of this shit from women either."

      It was seriously strange.

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