What to do in order to know if she is attracted to me?

Greetings ! There's a girl in my math class that I am really attracted to. I've always looked at her, but never did anything about it.
One day she sat next to me because it was the only seat that was close to the front...

Anyways, I grabbed this opportunity and talked with her. It seems that I've managed to make her laugh. I want to figure out if she feels the same as I do or was it only my imagination?

Is there a specific hint that shows that a college girl is attracted to a guy?

I mean when I talked to her I didn't know to what I should pay attention, but I felt like she was analyzing my face.

Hoping that you will lend me a hand in this situation.

Thank you in advance ^^


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  • Continue talking with her, establish a friendship. That way you have more to go on then one social interaction and you can see if she drops any hints.

    • Thank you for your answer.

      I'm still talking to her in class when I have the chance to do so.
      Do you think that I'll be friend zoned if I do not act quick or can I go smoothly?

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    • I would go ahead and ask her for her number, I don't see any harm in that!

    • Oh I see thank you. We'll see where it goes our interaction. Hoping that I'll have an idea on what to talk over the phone haha :)

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  • Ask her out dude! if she says yes she likes you!

    • If it was as simple as that, I wouldn't be there seeking for help. Nevertheless, thank you for your reply :)

    • I know, i don't even follow my own advice xDD np man

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