Is it okay to hide things from a previous relationship with your current partner?

So I'm not talking about lying about something he asks, but not telling him things that happened in the previous relationship.
I haven't had actual sex but I have done sexual things and he doesn't know that. He thinks I haven't done anything and if knew I feel like it would hurt him. He hasn't done anything and he already feels really inexperienced so I feel like telling him would make him loose confidence. And to me the other guy wasn't important at all but I feel bad that I'm hiding it but I also really don't want to tell him.
So I don't know which is worse.


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  • Hide 'things from a previous relationship" ... to some extent, sure.

    Lie about your level of sexual experience? I think that's not right.

    I'd suggest you tell him. Especially if you're likely on a path to actually having sex at some point.


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  • It's fine. Everyone has their own secrets to keep anyway.


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  • Maybe if you don't know that it's so important to him, but as it's stands, you hide it from him on purpose, so no, it's not okay. You make him to believe that you innocent, while you are not.


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