Will guys ask a girl they used to date out again just to see if she will say yes?

We used to date on and off, he's a little all over the place. I know he's not my husband but I do like him...

Anyhow he was all messaging me recently, he was making some sexual jokes and saying I want to see you naked but I told him I don't want to have casual sex and to knock it off so he stopped. He was asking what I want said he doesn't want casual sex either. Said he wants to meet up and asked what I want. I said I want dates, he asked if I still live in the same place and said he can pick me up since he has a car. He asked if I would ever go away together I said not now. He kept saying "I want to see you" so I Said "then plan a date"

We spoke for hours, he said he always thought there's an attraction between us. He said maybe he's down for having a girlfriend.

At the end I said "gtg, let me know what you decide." He said "I def want to meet up" I said "Sounds good"

What is his deal do you think? Why would he keep talking to me if I made it very clear I am not looking for sex only, and say I want to meet up?


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  • He thinks he will definitely change your mind.


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