Help me talk to this girl the right way so I can get laid :D?

long story short, met this woman online, talked for a while, ended up never meeting and after a while i told her that i didn't really see a point in talking anymore if she doesn't have interest in meeting me, etc. she said 'the interest was there, but it kind of went away, now its too late anyway, wish you all the best' and we left it at that.
this was a couple of months ago... now out of the blue she texted me, just wanting to talk and what not. how do i make it now, so i dont waste another month talking with her, with nothing at the end? how can i be direct with her and make it so that i can meet her soon.. and actually hook up?


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  • "Help me talk to this girl the right way so I can get laid"
    This is getting out of hand!

    Who do you think we are?
    Your little hook-up fairies?

    • LOL! what? asking help to get laid is where you draw the line? lmao

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    • Fine you win. Last time I am bumping this!
      I hope someone will give you accurate instructions on how to get laid :p/

    • I hope someone gives you*

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