Im having a girl come over and I dont know how to handle it?

i never had a girl come over to 'watch a movie'. even tho im a bit nervous about that, i know that at some point i'll just have to man up and make a move.. she's already in my room after all lol.
but my 'problem' is that i live in a single room appartment, and pretty much, my room is more set up like a bed room and not a living room. and by that i mean, i dont have a couch! only one single bed. how do i deal with that? i mean, when we'll start watching the movie, where do we sit, if i dont have a couch? lol i think that sitting on the bed is really discomfortable, but i dont think i should ask her to lay down next to me, if its the first time meeting in person lol, but then again, we met on an 'adult dating site', so maybe it is ok? i really dont know, so what to do ppl?
and by the way, if there are some other tips, for a first timer having a women come over? im 23yo and she's 37/38, dont know if that matters... but it might haha


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  • I think it's important to not worry what she thinks of your place... because ultimately it doesn't matter what she thinks of your place. Just make sure it's clean and doesn't smell. The bed is made, the dirty underwear is hidden in the laundry, etc.

    Also... be prepared... have a condom tucked into the mattress at both sides of the bed should things get hot and you need one quickly... it might kill the mood if you're hunting around for a condom later. But don't leave them out... that's not good either.

    And I say you get a couple lamps and keep the lights dim on either side of the bed, so that you can see, but it's dim.

    Maybe setup your bed pillows so that you both sit up with your backs to the headboard, so you can sit and eat popcorn while watching a flick. Then when you're comfortable, maybe laydown mid movie in order to be more comfortable. She'll probably follow.

    If you want specifics around escalating the the romance I recommend some readings from here:

    And that's it.

    And there's always the old stand-by of... "Hey, you looks so stiff, sit in front of me here and I'll give you quick shoulder rub." If she likes the back rub she'll exaggerate it with her body lounge and verbal cues. If she's stiff and uninterested you'll be able to tell. In which case don't sweat it and go back to relaxing and enjoying the movie.

    I hope this helps you feel more prepared?

    HAVE FUN!!!

    ~ Robby

    • nice way to plug your site haha
      but thanks a lot for your feedback!! really appreciate it!

  • Just put on a movie.


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