Do I have the right to ask?

So I'm currently seeing this girl. I wouldn't say we dating, but it's pretty close to it. She's getting over her ex and I'm just trying to make sure things run its course. I was iffy on hanging out with her at first cuz I did have feelings for her and she knows this. I just have some trust issues I'm still waiting on. Well we have each other on all these social media's which I don't pay too much attention to.

Well she recently made a snap chat and it's a dude on there who I don't know. Which I texted her telling her what she's up to? No reply, but am I right to all that question? Cuz if she had other guys as options them I rather just know and fall back.


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  • Considering that she's getting over an ex, she's single and you're not even dating, I think it's kind of intrusive of you to ask her. The fact that she's still not over an ex should be enough for you to pull back, nothing will evolve from this (at least, yet) so you're better off finding someone else.


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  • You don't have a right to know, this girl owes you nothing right now. What I suggest, is that you don't put your life on hold waiting for her, and go out and do your own thing, and talk to other women as well, let things happen naturally, don't be that pushy overly inquisitive guy, not only will she respect the fact you value her privacy, but it'll also show that you're confident in yourself.


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