Second girlfriend cheated?

Feel like im gonna give up. Almost threw up because of how stressed i am. Never happens to me. Second girl that has cheated, feel useless, and not good enough


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  • I am really sorry about that. That sucks ass. If I were you, I'd probably feel insanely bitter towards all men.
    Please, don't make that mistake.

    • Why? Second time its happened. I've only had two real girlfriends in my life.

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  • You aren't, but that's okay, because many a time when people cheat it's due to your inadequacy and the availability of superior partners. Also, don't throw up.

    • wow thanks

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    • yeah but you basically said i wasn't good enough for her right? so that led her to cheat. let me tell you this, if i ever thought someone wasn't good enough for me, cheating is never my option out.

    • As long as you acknowledge that cheating is an option, even if not your option, then you'd best believe someone will take the option.

      Besides, you're the best.

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  • just keep on hoping.


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  • Vote me down all night long but the truth is there is only a small % of good women out there. Love is not being passed on. For the most part women are fucking evil liars. Men are not much better but just do not get serious with any of them. They will treat a nice person like jack shit and use your kid against you, steal from you or hurt you any way they could.

  • I know the feeling, never thought it would happen me, it feels awful and hurts but twice now? I would be miserable and wonder what's going on

    • dunno man

    • Sucks though but you will find a decent one so don't give up

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