Is she avoiding me?

I like this girl and we went to a basketball game together and hung out with her and her friends once. I also slept over but we didn't have sex or make out.

Anyway I went to her dorm room with her friends and we drank and her and I cuddled some. We couldn't have sex or make out because some of her friends were drunk and she had to deal with them.

She apologized the next day and I said it was totally fine. Since then though she hasn't been as quick to respond and has had very short responses. She said she doesn't feel well and I asked her today if she was any better to which she said not really.

Do you think she's becoming disinterested or is really sick? I really like her and wanna take it to the next level but there hasn't been a real chance.


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  • She may be sick, but she also sounds sort of disinterested. Don't keep bombarding her with texts.


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