Do you think this would be normal?

Just your opinions please...

started dating a guy since July. Don know whether it is normal as none of my 3 ex's did it. if you would be with a guy and he now and again comments about other girls in front of you. something like she has an amazing eyes. sees someone on tv and says in front of you : she is a very pretty, attractive woman.

i went in a bar once etc... a girl came to me she started talken, she was very attractive. etc... or watching a film and sees a female and goes : ohh look at her!!

would it not kinda put you a little off? maybe he should keep it to himself, rather than expressing it in front out loud?


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  • It's a bit tasteless I admit knowing how girls get easily jealous

    • am not jealous... I just find it odd and a little off putting!

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    • shall I just watch him then and see whether he continues to do it?

    • he won't stop either you confront him or do the same and wait for a reaction from him

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  • He is just being sincere. He feels comfortable enough complimenting other women because he doesn't think you mind.
    That would be off-putting to me as well.
    If you hate that, then tell him to stop it.


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  • He's bullying you. Try doing the same to him.


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