We've both admitted we're crushing on each other.. what next?

So for about a month now me and this girl in my university class have been talking a lot more often and I had an incline she liked me. She loves to talk to me all day everyday on Facebook. So I decided I was crushing on her a bit and so I wanted to get to know her a bit more, and as the weeks have gone on we have continued to do so.

This started last Friday really. She decided to tag along with me and my friends whilst we were working on this project. One of the guys wanted to interview me on video and I didn't want to, but she was all cheerful and told me to do it, and linked arms with me and it just felt so right. After the whole project it was a round 9pm and it was like she didn't want to leave me. We went for a walk around town and ended up sitting in McDonalds together. Just being with her just generally seemed right.

And so yesterday (Monday) we also pretty much spent all day with each other and it was nice. She showed all the signs of liking me like I noticed she was bumping into me quite often, or we'd play fight and she'd also hug me a lot. We got talking on Facebook though and she admitted that she's been crushing on me, I told her I felt the same. She seemed to go a little shy and speachless I think, but she told me she can't understand why I do like her, so I think she's a little insecure.

But I'm just wondering what next? I think it's too early to form a proper relationship but I also don't want either of us to move on at this moment in time or for her to change her mind.. any advice?


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  • Just be careful not to take it too far too fast. Of course, give her compliments time to time if you're comfortable with it. Maybe find out what you both have in common. Tell her some stories about your personal experience about anything! Even if it's the silliest story, I bet she'll have a laugh and enjoy you talking to her as long as you're not bugging her.


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