Does he find it a joke? I told this guy how I feel now nothing?

It took a lot within me to tell this guy that I liked him. I told him last week an he said he come get my number to call. (cause he didn't have his phone on him at the time) were in high school. I went along with it cause my parents take my phone, so maybe that's what happened. Today is Tuesday an I didn't see him Monday. So today I see him he talks to me no problem but never asked for my number. He talked to my friend about how I told him I like him an she told me. But we still haven't exchanged numbers. I still didn't get an answer from him either a yes I like u or a no I'm not feelin it. I just don't know what to do. He smiled at me when. I told him I thought he felt the same now. I have no idea what's going on. He talks to me an is nice but based on me liking him. I haven't heard nothing else about it on his end.
  • maybe he forgot
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  • Maybe he's shy
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  • He probably isn't into you
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  • He could be thinking about it
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  • I don't think he is into you.


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