18 year old inexperienced girl is acting distant (I'm 19 in college)?

Inexperienced girl (no dating previously/kiss) 18 in college I've been dating for a month is starting to pull away a bit We have multiple classses together so we see each other at school a lot. It was always me chasing her till eventually we kissed and from hen started dating. We hanged out the days we had school and we go out once a week together. In very affectionate (I cuddle all the time kiss but no pda). And she was the same at first but lately she has t been as cuddly anymore. She stl acts the same (like laugh and talk etc) but when it comes to being intimate she's def not the same Also when we were friends she would text almost instantly. We started dating she would take longer and now she takes 1 hour plus to answer. Is it too much affection I'm giving? Am I boring now because we see each other too much?
Forgot to mention when I ask her out she never says no and the replies are sometimes faster
and are exclusive but only been dating for a month (she's more re traditional type maybe because of no experiences)


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  • It could be that she is too nice to tell you that she doesn't really like you as much as she thought. You should ask her about it.

    • Wouldn't that come off as needy etc, Iiterally asked her about the exclusive thing yesterday and she was like I would prefer that

    • I know from experience if I say this and it's not the case she willose interest because of me looking needy

  • 45+ and dating an 18 year old? EW!

    • I'm 19 sorry I don't know how to change that I put random birthdate

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    • Like I really don't want to "game" her and dissappear from her life so she feels the absence and cares again or something, doesn't feel honest

    • personally I wouldn't see you as needy and I would appreciate your honesty, but again it depends on this girls personality. Trying to think of a way that you can figure it out without asking her...

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